AlbaJet Charter GmbH
Villacher Straße 26
A-9220, Velden am Wörthersee

Phone: +44 20 8089 6288
(Mon-Sun 07:00-23:00)

District Court of Klagenfurt
VAT Reg No: ATU74404058
Company Registration Number: FN 512330 b
Managing Director: Oliver Smith-Aichbichler

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich
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Terms of Service

Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms”) carefully as they contain important information about your legal rights, remedies and obligations. By accessing or using the AlbaJet platform and services, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms.

  1. Definitions
  2. When these terms mention “AlbaJet”, “we”, “us”, or “our”, it refers to AlbaJet Charter GmbH (company number: FN 512330 b) registered at Villacher Straße 26, Velden am Wörthersee, A-9220 Austria and governed by Austrian law.

    the AlbaJet Customer (including its representative(s) as applicable) whose details are listed in a Charter Contract.
    Aircraft Operator:
    the Aircraft Operator whose quotation for provision of flight to the Customer has been accepted by the Customer in accordance and agreement with the terms on as detailed in the charter contract.
    any vehicle, with or without an engine, that can fly, such as a plane or helicopter in connection to the agreed flight.
    all flights detailed in the charter contract, including any empty positioning flights required by the Aircraft Operator to execute the agreed contract.
    Charter Contract:
    the legally-binding contract between AlbaJet and the Customer, whereby the Customer agrees to the full conditions of the aircraft charter as defined by said contract.
    Charter Price:
    the price agreed to by the customer for the charter trip, as stated in the charter contract agreement.
    the request of the Customer to cancel any flight(s) after confirmation through a charter contract.

  3. Scope of AlbaJet services
  4. AlbaJet Charter GmbH is an online private jet quotation platform, which enables the Customer to obtain price estimates and to book private charter flights provided by a range of Aircraft Operators. When booking a charter flight through AlbaJet, the Customer enters into a direct and legally-binding relationship with the Aircraft Operator.

    Once the Customer has confirmed a flight through a Charter Contract, AlbaJet will fully support the Customer in its position as an intermediary.

  5. Validity of Quotes
  6. A quotation is legally non-binding until an agreement has been made between the Customer and AlbaJet in the form of a Charter Contract. AlbaJet reserves the right to withdraw quotations, even after receipt by the Customer.

  7. Cancellation
  8. In the event that the Customer requests to cancel any of the agreed flight(s) in the Charter Contract, the Customer shall agree to pay the following compensation:

    - 50% of the full Charter Contract price after completion of the agreement

    - 100% of the full Charter Contract price if cancelled within 15 days of the scheduled departure time agreed in the Charter Contract

  9. Charter terms
  10. AlbaJet acts exclusively as a facilitating agent between the Customer and the Aircraft Operator. AlbaJet deducts a facilitation fee from the Charter Price before paying the Aircraft Operator.

    The Customer shall pay AlbaJet the agreed Charter Price, as agreed in the Charter Contract, in the currency and to the bank address provided in the Charter Invoice.
    All agreed prices are subject to industry and related fuel price fluctuations. If the fuel price increases more than 5% between the time of agreement and the date of flight, the charter price will be adjusted accordingly and is payable by the Customer.
    The charter price agreed in the Charter Contract excludes aircraft de-icing, ground transportation services, inflight Wi-Fi, SATCOM services, and special catering requests, unless explicitly stated in the Charter Contract and agreed to by AlbaJet.
    If the Aircraft Operator is unable to perform a flight in accordance with the Charter Contract due to an aircraft technical issue, war, warlike events, insurrection, terrorist action, accidents with aircraft, force majeure of any nature, or events outside of the control of the Aircraft Operator and/or AlbaJet, AlbaJet shall use its reasonable commercial endeavours to find a suitable aircraft replacement, and shall disclose any extra costs to the Customer.
    If AlbaJet’s efforts to find a replacement aircraft are successful, but rejected by the Customer, then AlbaJet shall be entitled to the full Charter Price agreed in the Charter Contract.
    If AlbaJet’s efforts to find a replacement aircraft are unsuccessful, then the Customer’s sole remedy shall be a refund less AlbaJet’s facilitation fee. In the case of any refund, the refund amount will be calculated on a pro-rata based on the percentage of the trip flown.
    For example, if 4 hours of a total 10 total flight hours were unavailable, the Customer would be due a refund for 40% of the agreed charter price.
    All Charter Contracts are based on internationally recognised ICAO and IATA airport codes, and not by airport names which may be subjected to incorrect interpretation and change.
    The Customer is liable for any charges incurred in restoring any damage or soiling to any part of the Aircraft, equipment or its interior which is caused by the passenger(s).
    AlbaJet uses its best efforts to help the Customer identify all the statutory travel requirements in force at the time of the flight. These requirements may include the possession of valid passports, visas and/or health certificates (“adequate travel documents”) to be presented by all passengers to the appropriate state authorities on both departure and arrival. However, it remains the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that all passengers are in possession of adequate travel documents.
    If a passenger is denied boarding on departure, or entry on arrival, due to failure to present adequate travel documents, the Customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred by that passenger. If the Aircraft Operator is unable to perform a flight because a passenger fails to present adequate travel documents, the flight will be considered to have been cancelled by the Customer, and the above Cancellation terms will apply.
  11. De-Icing
  12. In the case of aircraft de-icing costs (including aircraft hangarage), the Customer shall be fully responsible for reimbursing the Aicraft Operator for these costs, unless a de-icing waiver has been purchased and specified in the Charter Contract.

    If the Customer does not purchase a de-icing waiver, AlbaJet shall require a credit card hold for the approximate costs of potential de-icing. If the Customer fails to provide a credit card hold for the de-icing costs, the Customer agrees that AlbaJet shall be entitled to request payment for the de-icing sum.