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Cessna C525 Citation CJ1 Charter


The Citation CJ1 is a light business jet, part of the Citation family, built by Cessna which is now part of the Textron Aviation group.

The CJ1 is an improved, more-modern, version of the CitationJet (CJ) and has a significant increase in maximum takeoff weight.

Along with the CJ1, and CJ1+ (which has an updated avionics package), Cessna introduced the Citation M2.

The M2 was launched by Cessna in 2011 and featured more powerful engines and a more modern cockpit. The Citation M2 is now being sold by Cessna, as a replacement for the Citation Mustang.

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Aircraft Summary

Cessna - Textron Aviation
Entry level jet
Fully Enclosed
Flight Attendant:
Typical Catering:
Drinks & Snacks
Maximum Passengers:
1,621 km
Cruising Speed:
759 km/h