Learjet 45 / 45XR Charter

Learjet 45 / 45XR Charter


The Learjet 45 is a Super Light Jet produced by Learjet (part of Bombardier). The Learjet 45 was developed in the 1990s as a competitor to the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS.

In comparison to the Citation Excel/XLS, the Learjet 45 has a smaller cabin, however boasts higher cruising speeds (approximately 50km/h faster).

The Learjet 45 can accommodate up to 9 passengers and is renowned for its great reliability and high-speed performance.

In 2004, Learjet introduced the Learjet 45XR which thanks to modified engines, can take-off at higher weights, take-off from shorter runways, and cruise even faster than the standard model 45.

Learjet 45 / 45XR Range Map

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Aircraft Summary

Super light jet
Fully Enclosed
Flight Attendant:
On Request
Typical Catering:
Cold VIP Catering
Maximum Passengers:
3,334 km
Cruising Speed:
824 km/h